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Arboriculture & Consulting Services

Trees are important members of the community, making great contributions to the liveability of the urban environment. Their health and preservation require a continuous and long term commitment by both home owners and municipal arborists. As a member and certified arborist #3644 of ISA International Society of Arboriculture I am trained to recognize, prevent, and remedy problems unknown to most other landscape contractors.


  1. Landscape inspection and reports to homeowners, prospective buyers and Real Estate agents. Independent and objective assessment of all landscape plants and features.
  2. Plant health care issues.Disease and pest diagnosis and remedy.
  3. Tree hazard assessement and assistance with permits to remove.
  4. Referrals to qualified climbers or other to perform work.
  5. Microinjection of systemic insecticides.
  6. Growth limiting chemicals.
  7. Oak tree protection from SOD.