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Manage your Landscape Investment

Are you looking for a learned landscaper who knows how to manage your landscape investment by providing solutions to the challenge of horticulture?

I can write management plans for your personnel to execute which minimize labor and water expenses, apply bio-logic materials which cultivate the life of your soil, consult on tree malaise, all without the conflict of interest so common in landscape businesses today.

I bring 30 years of hands-on experience to every project. Landscaping is a dynamic process, requiring guidance by a person who can read the plants' clues and react to the message.

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Remodeling and Home Design

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Spiral Aloe

Seed Propagation of Aloe polyphylla Notes and Discussion

Fall, 2013

Since my return from Lesotho in 1977 I have been fascinated with all aspects of this species, the individual plant, habitat, and ecology. I started with a small can of seed harvested from several populations and began experimenting with seed germination. Little did I realize that this endeavor would give me such horticultural knowledge that influenced my primary profession as a Landscape Contractor and Arborist.

There are many "gates" to open to propagate A.p. from seed. Asexual propagation is not possible because in the genus Aloe leaves do not have a meristem at the base so only stem cuttings can be used. Since there is no stem this is not an option for nurserymen. read more